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ASA (Swim England) qualified swimming teacher 

I have over 15 years’ experience of success in teaching toddlers, school age children and adults to swim.  Using  effective techniques for teaching both beginners and advanced swimmers, I have excellent knowledge of and experience in teaching the National Plan for Teaching Swimming stages (NPTS) from Beginner through to Honours certificates. ​

I have the reputation for getting non-swimmers swimming relatively quickly, and the ability to put them at ease, and increase their confidence of simply being in the water. 

I am accomplished at stroke analysis and have a sound understanding of how to improve stroke technique especially for those students who may be stuck at a particular NPTS stage, and can break down complex technique instructions in a way that students can easily understand and implement. I am also NRASTC qualified to 2.2 metre retrieval depth for pools without lifeguards. I currently work with

I can also offer 1 to 1 teaching  for those who are not comfortable returning to a group swimming lesson environment after the Covid pandemic if you are lucky enough to either own or have access to a private pool. 

Gym Instructor 

I am a WABBA qualified gym instructor with personal training experience, and can offer carefully designed training programmes, tailored to the specific needs of the individual, incorporating fitness, increased strength and basic bodybuilding.  I have expert understanding of the relationship between  our anatomy and exercise and I can advise both men and women on the correct use of gym equipment, explain which exercises are most beneficial, which are pointless, and importantly, which can be  harmful. 

Enquiries via contact form.


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